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My name is Ginger Harris, and I will be offering introductions to lawn bowling HOPEFULLY in early to mid March, depending on the progress of our current health crisis.  We are located at Bramhall Park in Willow Glen, and perhaps you have wandered by and seen some of us out there enjoying a friendly game on the green.  Right now, only members are allowed inside the gates, and we can not give lessons.  This is in an abundance of concern for all of us, and I am sure you understand.
In anticipation of the day when we can meet and get some in person coaching, I have attached a list of videos from our Bowls USA National Coaching team leaders.  There are a lot!  Perhaps in the coming days you might enjoy looking at a few of them just to see some fundamentals and get an idea about the way a game goes.  It is a wonderful game that I came across quite by accident, but have happily played for over 20 years.  Just as with any attempts at something new, there is a learning curve.  I hope that in the coming months you will give it a go and will find, as many others have, that this is a game that provides an outlet for year round outside activity, low-impact exercise, and opportunities for involvement in friendly club games to competition at the local, division and national levels. There is something for everyone!
If you have any questions, please do get in touch with me. Once we are allowed to start interacting with the public on the green, I will set up some days and times to offer each of you a chance to try lawn bowling. I’m sure you will find the San Jose Lawn Bowling Club a friendly and welcoming group! Complete  CONTACT  below to get more information.

Coaching lessons will each be less than 1 Hour.  Coaching is Free and will be during Club bowling hours

The first lesson will be centered around the placement of the MAT, throwing the JACK, and delivering of the BOWL. As the lessons continue we will introduce you to a game. You will also be shown the Hand Signals used during the game. Hand Signals are the way instructions are conveyed from one end of the RINK to the other. Reviewing the Hand Signals video prior to the 2nd lesson will add to the different Delivery Lessons which involve various Lawn Bowling situations encountered during a Game. You should expect three or four lessons before you participate in a DRAW game.
As with any sport, practice - practice - practice. Practicing what you have learned in the coaching sessions will make future play a lot more pleasurable and will add to your confidence level.
Reviewing the Lawn Bowls Terminology will help you as you begin your lessons.

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